04 June 2008

Bad Day Gone South

You know what happens when you say to yourself, "How can this day possibly get any worse?" Any ideas? Exactly. When you say something like that, invariably some kind of cosmic catastrophe occurs. So, can anyone guess what kind of day I've had? I'll just talk about the icing on today's cake - the moment I got pulled over.

First of all, can I just say, what kind of jack-ass cop gives a ticket to an obviously pregnant woman?!? I hope karma rains down fire and fury upon his head for this, because that is just plain nasty. Doesn't he know that pregnant women are very hormonal anyway? This guy took his life into his own hands here. I cannot be held responsible.

And secondly, I was not speeding. I was in a residential area, driving UNDER the speed limit of 30 mph, wearing my seat belt. I didn't run a light or a stop sign. I didn't cut anyone off or pull any kind of offensive driving maneuver. I am an excellent driver. This, ladies and gentlemen, is my first traffic violation. (Is the suspense killing you?) I got pulled over for having a stupid hot-pink cell phone in my hand. Are you kidding me?

I've seen people doing any number of crazy distracting things in their vehicles. I've seen people put on make-up, eat full five-course meals, actively discipline their children, play musical instruments... You name it - I've seen it. And honestly, I do understand this RECENT law about cell phone usage. I've seen people cut others off because they were busy just chatting away on their cell phone. But I am not that person. Although now, because I have been pulled over and given a ticket for this (not even a warning!), I feel like I am suddenly lumped in with bad drivers. It's not enough that I've gained over 25 pounds in the past 6 months being pregnant, now I am a bad driver. Can you see how torn up I am about this?
I won't get any points put on my license from this, but I am SO pleading not guilty. Why do these kind of things only seem to happen to me?


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Well Suzy let me tell you right now that the first time i was picked up..for speeding though. I was pregnant!! I cried immediately because you know that hormonal thing!! I tried to plead out of it because i was coming down a hill and of course you pick up speed coming down a hill..RIGHT? Well that did not work and I got the ticket anyway!! never forget it!! You really did nothing wrong and HOW in the world did he see your cell phone in your lap? I am confused. Sandy

Suzy said...

Hey Sandy, pretty rotten thing to happen while you're pregnant, huh? Well, in my case, I was actually holding the phone up at eye level in my hand, when the cop saw me. Ugg.

Jana said...

I'm SO sorry Suzy Q! What a BUMMER!! You said the icing on the cake, what was the CAKE?
Is this a new FEDERAL law, or STATE law? I am glad to hear about this (NOT that you got a ticket!!)now, so I don't make the same mistake when I come home!
I, too, have gotten a couple of UNFAIR tickets, neither of which went on my driving record because they were SO minor, but still it rankles, doesn't it?! As for being pregnant, you would think a MALE cop would be sympathetic! But I will bet it would be a FEMALE cop who would be! Dumb Butt cop!

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