17 June 2008

Family Pictures

Ever wonder what happens right before the shutter snaps? Well, here is a prime example. This is SO my family. When I uploaded my pictures and saw this, I knew I had a TRUE family portrait. Tim is behind the scenes (as always) taking the photo, Andy is wondering why we have to take a family photo instead of having "family playstation time," my dad has no clue what is going on, I'm exasperated (!), matriarch mom is just so happy to be surrounded by her family, Jerry is just being nice, Becky has a smirk that says "Am I REALLY related to these people?", and Emma is tolerating her crazy family. Hilarious.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

What a family portrait!! smile!! I think you look like you are expanding a little in the tummy area!! Good for you..TAke care. Sandy

Christie said...

so funny, and it's so true

Lazy Daisy said...

Dad's comment to your comments was, "What does she mean I have no clue what's going on?" Blessed are those that are just happy to be in the moment.

Jennifer said...

Suzy...that is hilarious! We have a similar picture somewhere...I need to find it. This is real truth in advertising, isn't it?? I love it!

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