31 July 2008

Stupid Braxton Hicks.

I've been having the worst time lately with this thing called the "Braxton Hicks." These are like mini contractions to get your body ready for having the real deal. Anyway, these S.U.C.K. - at least mine do. I'll be standing up, doing something at work, and then get one of these and nearly drop everything I'm holding. And if I'm in the middle of a conversation, forget about it.

It's funny, today my OBG came into the library with her daughters (she lives in my community and frequents the library) and I should have just asked her if this was a normal occurance. She's never mentioned the Braxton Hicks issue. But another mother who saw I was suffering asked me if I had been staying hydrated. She diagnosed me right on the spot! She said that she also had a September baby and that she had horrid Braxton Hicks because she was dehydrated. Bingo. I know that she is right. It's been so blooming hot lately and I know I haven't been drinking enough. Maybe I should be seeing this mom instead of my OB!


Christie said...

Mine were worse with Julianne than with Luke - and this heat is the worst when you're pregnant. Hang in there, you're in the home stretch! Love ya!

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