27 August 2008


Rage, hormones... rage on. Lately I seem to have no patience (or maybe it's tolerance?) for anything. I'm sitting at work just fuming at bad moms and rude kids. I'm mad that for the past two weeks my house has been "under construction" and the people who have been "working" on the place really weren't doing anything. I'm upset that I can't get a hold of my OB/GYN when I need to. (Not that I have an emergency or anything, but if I did?!?) I'm also grouchy about my waddle. (When people mention it, I tend to growl at them. Beware.) Week 36 of pregnancy bites. I have aches and pains in weird places. I have swollen feet and I just feel gross. Also, I'm DONE with photography, at this point. There will be no more cute preggy pictures. Aren't I supposed to be enjoying this quiet time before my little guy comes? I need a vacation!


Lazy Daisy said...

The last month is always the hardest. hang in there baby!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Suzy...You are just pregnant. I know that sounds stupid but it is true. I can understand with your home messed up that takes away from your nesting needs right now. Funny how God made us to behave exactly like you are doing!! Must be some sort of reason...Sandy

Christie said...

no chuckles or mmmm-hmmms - i'm sorry it sucks, ends in sight momma! and you're still dang cute! ;)

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