24 September 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Oscar!!!

Here he is!!! Oscar Elijah Bomgardner. (So tired... more later.)


Woodley Family said...


LadyBugCrossing said...

He's beautiful!
Welcome to the land of coos and ahhs... oh and no sleep and poopy diapers.
Just remember, this precious time is short. Enjoy each and every moment - yup... even the poopy diapers!

Linda said...

Oscar is as beautiful as I expected and you look like you were made to be a mom. Love to all of you!

rbecca said...

Hi this is Rebecca H. from the library at LJ's computer. I just wanted to say that you and Oscar are beautiful!!! I'm so happy for you and wish you sleep and happy times!

Rachel said...

Suzy, he is perfect! Absolutely perfect! I'm so proud of you and your newly expanded family. Can't wait to talk to you when you are feeling up to it. Love you!

Jill said...

So beautiful! Congratulations to you and Tim!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Oh how precious!! He is such a cutie Suzy and you are so lucky and proud I know. Take good care of yourself now and get rest when you can..Sandy

Christie said...

freakin crap I'm late, I didn't think you'd post for another week! You two look so great! I'm so, so happy for you guys.what a serious little face!

Jaans said...

Congrats you guys, from a rainy Cape Town!!! He is perfect! Can't wait for all the stories and pictures!

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