28 October 2008

Awesome, Just Awesome

For some reason, whenever Tim goes away on a business trip (which is not too often, thank the Lord), everything seems to break or go buck-wild. I guess it is part of the circle of life - everything that goes up must come back down - and I'm already down when Tim is gone, so why not be really REALLY down?!? Anyway, it is only Monday and I still have a few more days to go. Awesome.

Let me at least start on a happy note. My wonderful momma came up to stay with me and help me take care of Oscar while Tim is away. And I'm really lucky she did! Otherwise I think I'd be a total basket case. I think that is the only thing that has been RIGHT about this week. Now for the rest...

Things started off on a bad foot anyway. Not even twenty minutes after Tim left, something happened. Tim cooked a lasagna a day before and I guess it gushed over the sides and dripped onto the bottom and burned. And mom was in the kitchen baking muffins... You see where I'm going with this? Yes, every single stinking fire alarm in this apartment went off. For real. They are all connected to each other and WIRED IN to the electric and now, because of "NY Code," there are at least five or six of them in my small place. Awesome. One of the alarms even has an female English accent and says "Fire... Fire... Fire..." over and over again. Like I said before - awesome. It took me a good twenty minutes of total frustration to get the stupid alarms to turn off. I opened all the windows, stood on a chair and blew on the main alarm that was picking up the heat/smoke until I almost passed out, and finally I hit all the breakers in the box to kill the power. That seemed to work. Luckily, Oscar was asleep and didn't wake up to add to the stressful situation.

After that, I figured I was all broken in, but no. The next super duper thing that happened was that our newly fixed and payed for computer broke down again. Like I said - awesome. I was so excited to have my mom here so that I'd finally have a few minutes here and there to blog and work on posting pictures. How great (sarcasm) that we'd pay money we didn't have to get a computer fixed and then not get to even use it when you finally have a chance?!? (I'm on my mom's laptop. Really glad she brought it!) Arg.

Well, strike two. Then on Monday afternoon, Andy came over to play. Momma baked cookies for him and everything went okay. Then for dinner, she put in two frozen pizzas at the same time (Andy likes to enjoy an entire pizza BY HIMSELF), and they burned on the sides, so the stupid alarms went off AGAIN. No problem, I thought. I'll shut off the power to the alarms. It was dark, but I figured hey, I'll be able to turn off only the one that seemed connected to the alarms. So I flipped it and no dice. Then I decided to just turn off all of the power again. REALLY DARK. Still the alarms are ringing. Apparently, the alarms really AREN"T connected to the power box. Awesome. After opening windows in the dark, saying a few choice words, blowing on alarms, and whatnot, the alarms finally went off. It was a good twenty minutes of alarms again. Geez. I am so rattled by these! Mostly because that means that the electricians will have to come BACK in and fix this crap.

And THEN, this morning, right after I fed Oscar, we get a phone call from the police department. There was a bad storm last night and all morning long and the tree guys were out chopping fallen branches. I didn't bother looking outside - I just heard them. Well, the police called to ask me to move our truck that is parked outside. It seems that the tree that we always park near collapsed last night. Awesome. It fell literally inches away from the front bumper. As I run outside to move it, in my pj's and crazy hair and no makeup, mom hands me the camera to take a picture for insurance purposes - just in case. Yikes. So, I open the front door and instantly like twenty guys in hard hats start yelling at me, which is exactly what I needed right then. I pointed to the truck to signal that I needed to move it and they help me cross over a few downed power lines. Luckily, nothing got messed up on the truck. Usually, Tim parks that baby right smack beside that tree, so had he parked where he normally does, the truck bed would have been cut in two. And THAT would have been really awesome. The pic at the top is from the end of the street... I didn't take a picture until I got far away from the angry tree men who yelled at me. And the other pic is from my window looking down, after the truck was moved. The truck was parked right in between the tree there and the angry man in the bucket with a chain saw. Maybe these guys are so mad because they were gnomes in a former life.

I guess I should be thankful that nothing happened to the truck. (Except that maybe we could have gotten the insurance money for it instead of having to go through the hassle of selling it!) I was busy dwelling on the fact that I'm lucky that the tree didn't do any damage, and then the power goes out. It's been out since 10:00. It's now 2:00. Awesome. (I'm writing this offline.)

Okay, so I know that things aren't really that bad. Everyone is healthy and safe. I'm just venting about the fact that things fall apart when Tim leaves home. I have survived the big things (and the the rotten little things too; like the giant full and stinky dirty diaper bag completely ripping on me as I tried to pull it out of the "Diaper Champ" - thanks Tim - and the yucky cat poo "clingers" I've found in inopportune places) and I will survive until my hubby gets home. I just don't know if he will be allowed to leave ever again.


Christie said...

oh, baby, that totally sucks. I'm so sorry he had to leave and all of that craziness is going on. I'm so glad your Momma is up there so you and Oscar have some extra hands. I'll call tomorrow to check up on you. Love ya!!!

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