14 December 2008

"It's the Craftacularist!"

Sweet. And it's tomorrow. We're loading up the car because I am so there. I sure hope this one is better than the cheesy one we went to last week. (And as a side note, this image actually loaded up just fine! Is Blogger fixed?!? I sure hope so. The image issue is the very reason that I've not blogged much lately.)

EDIT: This was SO fun. We got an amazing parking spot really close to the Pavilion, regardless of the huge crowds (free street parking!) and we didn't even have to wait in the que because the bouncer saw me with Oz in the baby sling! Awesome. And everyone oohed and ahhed over Oscar, even giving me some freebie treats! I'll take that little boy ANYWHERE.


Andrew said...

I hope you had a great time. I miss hearing from you!

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