12 January 2009

The New Pretty

I've never been much of a morning person. In fact, I'll go as far as to say that I hate mornings. I hate that morning rush of getting ready for the day. Even on those days that I've got nowhere to specifically be, I hate the guilty choice of whether or not to brush my hair and put makeup on. I feel like I have to do my "routine" for the day to actually progress. Isn't that odd - that I have to make up my bed for the day to continue?!? Is that completely OCD? (Please tell me that someone else shares my subconscious quirk here...)

Well, now that I've entered the world of mommy-hood, the desire to stay curled up in bed is even stronger. That urge to snuggle with my pillow for ten more minutes instead of starting a whole string of chores and daily routines is fierce. But now instead of an alarm clock to battle with, I've got a baby boy who's daily timer is set for 7:30. I suppose it could be worse. At least he is consistent. But he sure does make the daily routine an even longer and more challenging feat to overcome every morning! I'm constantly working to perfect the balance. I've even learned to be ambidextrous in certain tasks.

Not only are mornings more of a challenge as far as getting things done, but they are challenging because of the person I've become. Picking out an outfit used to be a "Hmm... What will look cute today?" and has now become "What can I effectively nurse in and doesn't show spit-up too pronouncedly?" More important, "What can I fit?" These are all questions that require a lot of thought and not a lot of hesitation can be tolerated. Some days I'd prefer to just stay in my jammies. But that is SO not me.

All this work! But you know, I am starting to warm up to mornings now. I can tell you when this change started... It began when my little Oscar started really smiling. Now, every morning, I force my lazy body out of bed and walk over to Oscar's bassinet to receive my reward - a great big smile. He smiles at me out of recognition and love. Regardless of what I look like, I'm his new pretty. I don't have to have my daily regiment completed and be dressed and ready with make-up and whatnot to receive this gift from him. I'm his new pretty.


Jeremy said...

I love that thought! That is definitely motherhood in a snapshot. Those crazy little beautiful munchkins will get you through anything.

Jeremy said...

oops, that was me, Christie, in case you couldn't totally tell. :)

Kelly said...

His new pretty...I love it! And I too feel the need to make my bed every morning...in the words of Ellen Page "It sets the tone for the day". So true...Miss you!

Lazy Daisy said...

Awww...I'm a big puddle of goo now. Sounds like a good trade off though..He has a great smile.

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