02 February 2009

Girl Crushes and New Jobs

Well, I know I've neglected posting lately. I've been a bit busy and sporadic. This post will most likely prove that to you, reader. Bare* with me. (*Is it "bare" or is it "bear" or what? I'm not sure and I've spent 20 minutes already considering this. I need to borrow my friend Jeremy's dictionary of cliches.)

First off, I've been meaning to tell everyone about my girl crush. I am in love with Vienna Teng. Well, I'm in love with her music, at least. On the 16th of last month, Tim surprised me with concert tickets (to celebrate my last day of work at the library) while my friend Mary watched Oz for the night. Wow. We had an incredible time. Vienna is so talented. She plays the piano while chirping out like a little songbird these gorgeous ballads. She's a storyteller with perfect pitch. With her was an incredible percussionist musician, Alex Wong. He played the craziest cool instruments - things I'd never seen before and couldn't for the life of me tell you what they were. Anyway, I think the thing I like most about her music is her attention to details. She is so great. I'm giving you a taste of her music here below... This song is called Gravity.

So yeah, speaking of jobs, I got a new one. It is temporary and less than part-time, but it is perfect for me. This way, I'm still earning a bit of an income but not stressing myself out with being stretched too thin, and I won't have a big gap in my resume. Starting this Saturday, I'll be working every other weekend. Part-time is great, because you get to leave any kind of baggage there at work or you may not even get exposed to any of it! I brought home WAY too much baggage from my last job. I'm really looking forward to this Saturday. It will be a sort of outlet for me.

How is this for sporadic? I just saw Horton Hears A Who and really loved it. (I guess I could have tied this paragraph to the fact that it is a Dr. Seuss book and I'm going back to work at the library... Whatever.) Anyway, that's all I really wanted to say. Steve Carell was hilarious and the animation was great. I giggled away all my winter blues. It's been a while since I've seen an incredible animated flick that I'd say was a must see. This is a must see.

Finally, I wanted to mention something really nice that my hubby said yesterday. This has nothing to do with anything, just that I thought it was sweet and I want to end on a sweet note here. We were chatting about family and such and Tim said that one thing he really liked about my brother is my brother's ability to get him excited about things. Andy has a way of getting very passionate about stuff he really cares about and that has a way of being contagious. Tim basically said that he enjoys spending time with my little brother because he likes seeing things through an Andy lens. I think that is the ultimate compliment.

That's all I've got for now.


Christie said...

that was beautiful! and that's so great about the job - you'll love having an outlet. I'm waiting to hear back on mine, we'll see . . . love ya chick!

Jeremy said...

I'll send you a copy of cliches real soon. It's helpful.

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