24 March 2009

Philly Flower Show

Me & My Guy
Originally uploaded by peachicken.

Yes. I am delinquent in posting about this. This was literally 3 weeks ago. But I have lots of reasons for my delinquency... the main one being the little person in the picture here. (He makes me prioritize.)

This was taken at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Tim knew I desperately needed a dose of spring, so he submerged me in an incredible flora overload. I can't tell you how much I needed it! It was so nice to stroll around an entire convention center indoor garden full of flower lovers and vendors and even a petting zoo for little ones! Yeah, even a petting zoo. Oscar got to meet his first bunny and his first dove. (There were other critters, but they were napping when Oz was ready to meet up.)

I finally finished posting all the pictures from the show yesterday. You can click this link to get to the set of them. Try viewing the slideshow. It's a bit more fun. I may try to do an animoto video if I get inspired later. Just getting the pictures up was a feat in itself for me! Anyway, if you need a dose of spring, check out the pictures. I'm quite proud of a number of them.

(I'm also quite proud of my kiddo. He did so well on our little day trip! It was a 2 hour car ride there and then a return trip, plus spending a whole day out. He didn't fuss once! He's gonna be a good traveler like his folks, I hope.)


Christie said...

gosh, your pictures almost made me cry! they're like a dose of spring for me. man i miss you! (I watched the slideshow to a Fine Frenzy's "you picked me." ;) love ya!!! (what a cute sweater he was wearing that day)

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