25 April 2009

Entering The "Middle Ages"

This is the year all of my peers turn the big 3.0. (actually, three good friends of mine are all very soon to turn 30, as in within the next few weeks) and it really has me thinking about the arrival of my own 30th birthday and what that means to me. (Number 30 is a big one in that it has a zero in it. All the zero birthdays tend to be milestones.) It's not that I'm dramatically fretting it; I think I will quite enjoy the looks on people's faces when I tell them I'm 30. Especially considering that I still get the funky "teenage-pregnancy" look or the "youthful nanny" look sometimes when I tote Oz around... it's also difficult to be in a profession that is symbolized by older women. It will be great when the people who are actually bold enough to ASK are immediately hushed into silence. Last week, I swear I was asked at least 3 times. That could give anyone a complex.

So, I'm gonna be thirty soon. Time for a life evaluation. I wish I could take the "Unraveling" e-course to really force me to do some soul searching and explore how I see myself and the rest of the world through a camera lens, but alas, I am poor. So, I'm gonna try to write about thirty things I like about myself in the next few weeks. (Reader, I hope you don't find these posts narcissistic - this is more of an exercise for me than reading materials for you. Sorry.)

So get ready...


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