07 April 2009

Miss Me?

Yes, I've been in the mire lately! See my shoes? There are muddy with it. I'm breaking out though, yes sir. Spring is around the corner and I am ready for it. I even planted some pansies on Sunday. Lately my moods have just been completely dictated by the weather, so I know that I am in dire need of vitamin D. (Is that even a real thing?) Maybe I should do what my little brother does and go get some artificial sunlight - yes, I know about your Hollywood Tan addiction... Anyway, this girl is ready for picnics and sunshine and flowers and parks and open breezy windows.

I don't have much to complain about, otherwise. I'm still 20+ pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight (drats!) and my hair is falling out (stupid hormones!) and I've been putting in a bunch of extra hours at the library (and clipping coupons) and I have a bit of a cold, so that isn't fun. Speaking of colds, every time I get a cold the first thing I lose is my voice. Right now, I'm an alto. Soon, I'll be a Joan Rivers. It's coming. But so is Easter. I've been doing that lately; it's part of my Suzy therapy - ending things on a positive note.

Hmmm. I've been redecorating lately. I suppose that is the only thing to do when you get into a big funky blue. (That rhymed. Rhymes are usually jolly.) Oscar is soon to be mobile, so I've been wondering for a while what we could do to make our home a bit safer and more open. But I want the room to still look like us and not a giant nursery. So anyway, we bought some end tables off Craig's List and we're temporarily retiring the coffee table. But to make the room look right, we had to totally rearrange. Now I want to paint the living room a mocha color. I think that would make me happier. Mocha reminds me of chocolate. Chocolate is delicious. See? I'm happy already.

I got a new computer. She's incredible, but she is a Mac so I don't understand her yet. We look at each other, but we have not bonded. My other computer even has a name. Her name is Shelia. I should give the Mac a name. Maybe then we'll see eye to eye. Any suggestions of a name? It can't be one I wouldn't be able to spell. I'm already confused enough. Seriously, she's really a pretty computer. She should have a pretty name. Maybe Annabelle? I wish Annabelle (or whatever her name will be) was compatable with Paint Shop Pro. I really don't want to be forced into learning slick Photoshop. I know I just need to do it. Like giving she-mac a name. Maybe her name should start with an "i." Isabelle?

That's all I've got. Thanks for listening. I'll leave you with a happy thought... Dancing happy polkadotted bunnies.


becky said...

I named our new computer Hal. :)

Christie said...

you're so crazy and you make me smile. (why am I up? I just asked J if he ever felt so tired but felt like he had to get up. He promptly said, "No!" And up I got. I told him, I felt the computer calling me. Yes my Mr. Mac calls to me, all the time.) I remember when we first got ours. The first week we were so frustrated with it we wanted to take it back (we were like, dang it, all this money and we can't even enjoy it!) Now we LOVE it. I hate working on PC's unless I absolutely have to. So big Congrats on the Mac. Yay, Oz is going to be raised a Mac home. :) miss you

Angela said...

Mac's need Jane Austen type names...

Lazy Daisy said...

Your momma's coming....so cheer up!

Laura said...

hii suzy!! what about mirabelle?! :D
i miss youu!! i hope you are doing well! please write often!! i love checking up on your blog!!!

i can't wait to see you and oscar again!!

Melissa and Savannah said...

i have a mac. her name is nightingale (every so often i call her gale...but she doesn't really like that) and she is white and shiny and oh so pretty. you will bond with yours. and you will love her just as i love mine!

Suzy said...

Thanks you guys for the comment lurv! Tim suggested the name Maxine. What do you think of that?

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