29 May 2009

Coming Soon...

Oh yeah! I'm 'bout to have a house full! First these folks - my big sis and her sweet daughter and hubby all the way from Canada. (Isn't this a fabulous photo?!? Seriously my new favorite.)

And then these folks - little brother and my parents. (Ha - Andy is going to be SO mad that I used this picture... muhaahaa.)

We have LOTS to celebrate (especially my sister's brand new master's degree! Yay!) and so we'll be keeping pretty busy the next few weeks. I foresee lots of photos, baby kisses, family tourism, hugs, hair-pulling, pizza, "Dora the Explorer", cooking and fire alarms, interesting discussions, and maybe even some double dates with Beck and Jerry (if we're lucky and Diva and Poppa "volunteer" to watch the little ones). Should be fun!


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