29 June 2009

Back Home

We're home! Boy, it was a crazy vacation. Sometimes I think that Tim and I watch too many episodes of "The Amazing Race" and it reflects in the way we travel. It's just that when I go some place, I don't want to regret not seeing something, so I end up dragging us all over the place and never really "frolicking" anywhere for too long. Or maybe I have a short attention span? Whatever the problem is, we usually come home pretty tired.

This trip was no exception to the physical drain. Actually though, being that we had Oz in tow, it made us reevaluate the worth in getting him out of the car seat to stop and see something. That saved some of our energy and time between stops. And the stops we made took longer and we lingered more to be fair to our little one. We also had to call it a night WAY sooner than we usually do. We tried to be at our "resting" destinations by around 8-ish so Oscar could crawl around and get a bath in before bedtime.

Speaking of Oscar, he is a champion traveler. He was really great for the whole trip. We had a scare in Maine, at the beginning of the trip, when he had a temp. of 102 and was pretty miserable for most of the day on the 19th. Turns out that little buddy was cranking out a tooth and it was hurting him something fierce. He was like a little rag doll. We almost decided to spend the rest of the trip there in Bar Harbor. But the next day he was fine and we continued our journey. He got a bit attached to his soother this trip, though. That may prove to be a problem later on. But seriously, you couldn't ask for a better 9 month old than my little monkey. He gave the sweetest toothy grins to everyone we met and had a great time having both momma and daddy all to himself.

So about the trip - we put in over 2,400 miles! (Yes, you read that right...) We drove up through Bar Harbor, Maine and stayed there for two nights, then on to New Brunswick, Canada. We stayed in Moncton for two nights (our motel even had a hot tub! bonus!) and then we drove to Nova Scotia and stayed in Truro for a night. We spent the day in Halifax and then drove to Pictou to catch the late ferry to Prince Edward Island, where we stayed for two nights. After that, we began our trek homeward and drove halfway to Bangor, Maine where we stayed for our last night before driving the rest of the way home. We saw so many things. For the little time we had, plus the rain we got almost every day, we really made the most of our road trip.

I'll get started on some pictures so you can see what an adventure we had, reader! For now, enjoy these...


Jana said...

Glad you are all home safe and sound! Oz looks like such a little imp in his pictures! He is SO precious! I can't believe he's 9 months old already! Yikes! Well, I should have his "birth" present done in time for his "birth"day! LOL! It's fine, though, I think he will appreciate it more now than then anyhow! Hee hee!
Now that my wrist surgery deal is over and I can start crocheting again, I will be jumping right on that unfinished project! :D

Ruth said...

So glad you all had a fun trip, and that Oscar got better. I'll have to get some travel tips from you all if and when we get up that way again.

Lazy Daisy said...

Love the pictures....I'm still looking for one with a toothy grin! Glad you had a great time. Miss you.

Christie said...

Gorgeous!!! as usual! I can't imagine what my favorite one will be. You three are all so cute. sigh - you just can't help it. :) I'm so glad you guys had a great and safe trip. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics. Love ya!

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