12 June 2009

A Decade of True Love

Well, next weekend Timmy and I (plus the munchkin) are headed out on an anniversary vacation/road trip/adventure. We have to be uber thrifty, but I am stoked about it! What better way to celebrate a whole decade of our love than to take a long drive through someplace insanely gorgeous (and relatively untouched) and to explore it in our "Tim and Suzy" way. Our plan is to drive up to Acadia in Maine, then meander our way up New Brunswick and the Bay of Fundy area, then head over to Nova Scotia and see Halifax and Cape Breton. If there is time and sufficient funds, we would also like to pop over to Prince Edward Island. I think it is going to be heaven!

So I'm all researched up and getting our picnicking gear together. (I hear there is even a way to cook food off of your car engine! That may be an adventure in itself...) We're still looking for the cheapest accommodations humanly possible - unfortunately we don't have a tent big enough for a pack'n'play. But I've squirreled away a little bit of cushion cash for this monumental occasion and I'm hoping it goes farther than I think it will. It's time to break open the loose change jar!

But you know, it's fitting to be traveling this way. We've always had JUST enough. I think it makes us appreciate what we have more so than the folks who stay in fancy hotels and eat with silver dessert forks. Half the fun is in the journey, right? I love to research and find out just how far we can stretch. That's the stuff memories are made from.

So wish us bon voyage! I hope to have memories and picture to share (and time to post all of them)!


Ruth said...

Have a great adventure. Camping and Hosteling are a cheap way to travel, that was how we did it, and still enjoy doing.

Sherri said...

I love the adventures you always go on - very inspirational. I don't remember how I ever found your blog, but I come back because of your spirit!

Anyway, I wanted to comment because I have an idea for accomodations - try University campuses in the places you are heading - they usually are quite open in the summer and they are often beautiful places to stay (stone buildings, historical architecture) - sometimes you have to share cooking facilities and such, but in the summer they usually aren't very busy, so you might luck out and get a floor to yourselves!

Enjoy your journey, and I can hardly wait to see your pictures! (and, yes, I do think you can fit PEI in too - it's such a tiny island, but you must see Anne's 'lake of shining waters'! (I think you and she would be ever so kindred!)

Sherri said...

...oh, and happy anniversary!

Christie said...

I love you guys! I hope you have the best trip ever! Here's to the first 10 years of the Bomgardners!!! and to many, many more. Love you!

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