20 August 2009

Birthday Box

I have much to blog about (what it's like to be 30 now, Oscar's 11 m b-day, our FABULOUS night away from the little one, our super fun trip to see my folks, and the birthday celebration they gave me), but I wanted to go ahead and post something that happened when we got home two nights ago and why my friend Christie so dear to my heart. I got a birthday box! In my birthday box were 30 individually wrapped gifts - a flower garden of memories. It was spectacular to behold! (Keep in mind that the lighting was poor because I just couldn't wait till morning to unwrap everything!)


Christie said...

yay! I'm so glad you liked everything. I got the idea from a really great friend. ;) I figured one sweet girl deserves a sweet box herself. I love the pics! Love you girlie!

Jana said...

Happy Birthday Suzy!! Sorry I missed it! :(
Why are all of you girls getting older and I am staying the SAME?! :D

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