23 October 2009

Family Time

Around the (fast approaching) holiday season I tend to get all cozy and nostalgic for days gone by and for my "Bennetch" family. Usually I get to see them all at some point - typically around Christmas - but I'm not sure what the plan is for this year. It's hard to be all spread out like this. I sure do miss everybody. (I'm so glad that baby brother lives a train whistle away though! I love that kid.) It seems like it's always a party whenever we're all together. Sure, we fight and drive each other crazy too, but it's the good times that stick and make you crave more.

Anyway, I know that every family has their own traditions, but one of my faves is family game night. The last time we all got together was this past June and my crazy older sister brought with her a true vintage jewel, the one and only Girl Talk Game. (I love that this wiki entry says that the game was designed for "pubescent and pre-pubescent females." Nice.) My folks couldn't take the pressure of the "zit stickers" (yes, they were still intact!) so they called it a night before we started. But I have photographic evidence of what ensued... Take a look. Don't you wish you were there?!?

(Picture explanations: Andy drinking with "no hands," Becky unwrapping gum with "socked" fingers, me eating a freaking mustard and pickles sandwich - which was just awesome, Jerry all dolled up, giggly boys, and Tim telling a "love" story...)

For those of you who have never played Girl Talk, basically, it's a truth or dare game with WAY cheesy dares. It seems like the guys usually got the craziest pranks, which made the game hilarious. Some of my favorites were the random crank calls, "hitting on" inanimate objects, Becky wearing her clothes backwards and putting ice in her armpit, Tim's ketchup sandwich, and Andy's Louis Armstrong serenade. It was memorable. I can't wait till next family game night!

I'm also including a few videos for your viewing pleasure...


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