01 November 2009

Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing

Here he is... Oscar as Max from Where the Wild Things Are! I had so much fun making his costume this year. Sike! Remind me to never sew with fur ever again. But even though it was messy and out of control, I am still quite happy with the results. Oz had so much fun smacking things with his giant padded paws, though not so much in trying to walk about with the huge floppy footies! (It was rather entertaining, however.)

(In case you're wondering, dad was a "tree" because I was unsure if making him a monster would freak Oz out. And since we went into the city for the Halloween parade this year, we needed to be able to carry the little monster, so I was the boat that took Max to "where the wild things are." My arms are supposed to be sails.)

Also, as a side note, apparently great minds think alike! Oscar's cousin Emma was a wild thing too!


Christie said...

that is the coolest freaking set of costumes I have ever seen! Seriously you outdid yourself. As if I'm surprised. I don't know which I love most and man, those blue eyes are a killer. I can't wait to give him a big squeeze in person!

heather ryan morse said...

every time I read you I have to remind myself that the Lord gives us all different gifts :) and mine is certainly not being crafty..ha!

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