21 November 2009

Sleeping In

This illustration is so perfect for today... (It's from one of my favorite blogs - A Print A Day by Yasmine Surovec. She's so talented.)

Anyway, Tim let me sleep in today, which really means not getting up until 7:30, and it was heavenly. After a long-ass week of yuck and sick and Tim having SO MUCH WORK and not having any Suzy time whatsoever because I'm a glorified babysitter, I really needed it. It's not that I resent being a stay-at-home-mom or anything, but sometimes it kinda sucks. Like this week. Whoa momma. In his defense, Oz is getting molars and has a cold that makes him very annoyed. On the up side, he has learned where his nose is and even how to "blow" it! So, I guess my glass is still half full. But yeah, it wouldn't be had I not gotten some sleep.


Christie said...

just now catching up on computer time - I love that illustration - so great! need sleep myself

Violetta said...

I understand you. Last Wednesday Zach let me sleep till 9.30, instead of getting up at 6.00-6.30!!!

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