24 December 2009

Merry Merry

Happy Christmas. I hope you have a delicious time with family and friends - whoever and however you choose to celebrate this time of year... Here we are in front of our tiny tree. Optical illusion. It's actually a 4 ft. tree on a table so Mr. Dennis the Menace doesn't completely destroy it in his fascination with "LaLaLa Lights." (And yes, his current unicorn bruise has been fashionably photoshopped out. So sue me - this is a picture of Christmas as it SHOULD be.)

I still have things to do before tonight; some cookie baking, present wrapping, stocking making (oh time crunch!)... It's the usual last minute rush-about. But at least we made our annual pilgrimage to see Santa today. We did that this morning and I just have to say that our little photo elf kinda sucked. There were tons of moments of cuteness, but she didn't seem capable of capturing them. Oh well. I did get a video of the fiasco. (And at least my kid didn't scream bloody murder like the preceding children and the ones that followed us. Holy Excedrin Tablets!) Here is Oscar meeting Santa. Watch for the "wow" and then followed by the terror of the "who the heck are you, creepy man holding me?!?" then chased by a polite wave.

Our photographer elf left us with this charming picture that seems to says "Santa is infectious and I now need to wash my hands." What a wonderful way to capture a memory. Anyway, Merry Christmas.


Christie said...

awesome! I love you and wish we could see you! Much love, hugs and kisses!

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