22 February 2010

More Inspiration

I liked posting my current inspiration the other day and figure ya'll may find it a bit inspirational too. (At least my kindred spirit Christie will. These are for you, doll face.) Also, it will help me archive some fun projects to try. I have a ridiculously full bookmark page. Maybe I'm into bookmarking because I'm a librarian. Heh.

Making postcards from vintage book covers - how great!!!
Seriously, I want to do this.

I love it. Making a play kitchen from an old dresser or night stand.
Go get inspired over at odeedoh.com!

While we're on the subject of things I want to make for Oz, check this out! I LURVE it (that is one step up from love, just so you know). I saw it first here... Does someone want to buy me this book?!? Button and Stitch: Supercute Ways to Use Your Button Stash by Kristen Rask.
Oh, I SO need a patron.

Okay, one more Oscar thing... I want one of these. He is fascinated by Uncle Andy's watch. I think I could just die if I saw Oz wearing one of these.

And as for me, I'd settle with just owning this sweater.


Christie said...

:) big huge grin - our shop would be so cute - can't you just see it?!

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