28 March 2010

Words For Today...

Sick boy, temper tantrums, bad kitty, litter box issues, fevers, runny noses, messy house, rainy weather, cold fingers and toes, losing patience, sad husband, overflowing recycling bin, drywall dust, no "Suzy" time, a work day, "Why is the carpet wet?!?," feeling trapped and uninspired, pity parties, dirty fish water, half-finished bedroom, weight gains...

Keep calm and carry on. Yeah.


Nikki + Shane said...

You might like this version of the poster too. If only cupcakes didn't have any calories :)

This is my first attempt at linking in a comment so I hope it works!

Hope things look up for you all real soon!

Christie said...

you made me smile - i love you and I'm sorry life has been crazy - the sun'll come out tomorrow - i just know it! love you tons and tons :)

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