09 April 2010

Felt Food Fridays

An apple a day keeps the boogie man away... or something like that. Anyway, please excuse the simplicity of today's offerings... I'm busy packing for a trip down to Diva and Poppa's! (That is what Oz calls his grandfolk on my side of the family.) We'll be there for a whole week, so expect some radio silence (not that I'm such a big blogger or anything...). Maybe I can felt something jazzy on the trip down. Maybe some cupcakes?


Ruth said...

Hope you guys have a good trip. Will you be close to the Shenandoa Nat. Park? It will be beautiful this time of year. Any chance you'll make it down this way again?

Angela said...

ok, qu...do you follow a pattern or a book or all these just your own ideas? I think Abigail and I should do these together! They are FAB!!!

Suzy said...

Ruth - Thanks girl! I really am hoping that we can take another trip down to JC. As it is, we're about a 3 hour drive away, from here. My folks live near a tiny town called Weyer's Cave.

Angela - I've used some free patterns I find online, like for the B&W cookies, but mostly, I've just been eyeballing it. Felt is SO forgiving! You should totally do some with Abigail!

Christie said...

one of my favorites so far - super! I so want to sneak over and see you guys. Maybe I could just peek in the windows? hee hee - miss you guys SO much!

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