23 April 2010

Felt Food Fridays

I'm back! Still working on the Blogger migration, so there is a bit of wonkiness. Sorry about that. Anyway, here is the latest addition to Oscar's felt food collection. Pears. To be completely honest, he isn't thrilled with these. Maybe the color is too muted for him or something.

Anyway, I also wanted to give you the pattern I used on this bad boy. (Just in case you are interested in making one too...) Basically, I used this shape and cut 6 of them. I sewed them up, inside out, and left some room to turn it out. Then I stuffed it and sewed up the holes, patching the bottom end a bit with a little piece of brown "frap" (felt + scrap = frap) and gave it a bit of a stem. Easy Peazy.


becky said...

So have you decided to stay on Blogspot, then? Let me know and I'll write a redirect on the Wordpress site, for people to find you here.

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