14 May 2010

Felt Food Fridays

I'm on my way to NC to see my BFF Christie and what better way to celebrate Felt Food Friday than with COOKIES!!! (There is an explanation to that, other than the fact that cookies make everything better...) Wanna hear a story?

When Tim and I were newlyweds back in Atlanta, our first casa was the on-campus married-student housing. Sound romantic? Actually, it kinda was! We made lots of good "couple" friends that year. But our very favorite couple to hang out with was the Tudors. We would have "cookie" night and it would be at their place or ours. We'd get a cheesy movie or some funny board game and have dinner and... you guessed it... COOKIES! Usually we got the Chocolate Chip Toll House Break and Bake kind - quite possibly the most delicious cookies ever, especially while they are hot and gooey. Consequently, (ten years later) whenever we get together with the Tudors we STILL celebrate cookie night. Traditions like that should never die.

Anyway, Tim surprised me this Sunday (Mother's Day) with a girlie weekend escape to NC. And he did it with a sequence of clues... an airplane, a chocolate chip cookie, and a picture of Janice the Muppet (Christie absolutely personifies Janice - another story for another time). But isn't that clever of him? I guessed it as soon as I saw the cookie! Well, I'm sure that as soon as I get to NC, we'll have to have our cookie communion. And maybe more than once!

So without further ado, here is the next installment of Oscars felt food collection... chocolate chip cookies and purple sprinkle sugar cookies!


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