11 June 2010

Felt Food Fridays

Shew! I just got this one in under the wire. I finished literally RIGHT before Oz woke up from his nap. Oh what pressure. Here is my latest creation: a bag of popcorn and a chocolate bar! I got the fun idea from this awesome tutorial. (Thanks Jess!!! Your pictures are way cuter, btw.)
This jive is so cute - the chocolate is a bar plus the wrapper and the popcorn is all removable, too. And yes, I made the popcorn pretty big so that they're not choking hazards or anything, not that Oscar is still popping things in his mouth, but just in case. The tutorial was way easy to follow along with. I just altered the size of the popcorn bag so that I didn't have to make quite so many pieces of popcorn. Seriously, the 12 pieces just about put me over the edge anyway!

(And I was thrilled to see how this popcorn bag came together, because it's the same principle in making the bottom part of a milk carton - which is totally something I want to make.)

Another success story!


Christie said...

mucho like!

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