18 June 2010

Felt Food Fridays

Today is PIZZA!!! This has to be one of my all-time favorite meals, so hopefully Oscar will share in the love. It's a meal we partake in about once a week, so have no doubts that he is already quite familiar with it! Plus, his newest favorite book is Pete's a Pizza by Steig. (If you've never read it, you should... it's pretty cute.) This wasn't too complicated, just time consuming.

Probably the best feature is that the pepperoni and mushrooms are removable, so if Oscar wants to be like his Uncle Andy (who he ADORES), he can turn it into just a lovely cheese pizza. Or he can dish it up like mommy, who enjoys a bit of pepperoni. Or he can be like daddy and add a few mushrooms to it, as well. Delicious!


Christie said...

just beautiful. ;)

teri the big red dog said...

your felt food is totally AWESOME!!! someday i will try to make some... i keep telling myself! i want that felt food!!! :)

Suzy said...

Thanks gals!

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