04 June 2010

Invitations to the Party!

So, I'm hosting a baby shower for a good friend of mine tomorrow. She's due in July and she is just the cutest little pregnant girl ever! (I'm crazy jealous. I don't think "cute" could have been my pregnancy description back when I was full of Oscar. Oh well.) Anyway, I have been busy cutting out tons of circles out of construction paper, baking book-themed goodies, making bookplates, and you name it. I've even made some awesome little popsicle stick easels to put on the food table. There will be pictures. I promise. In the mean time, I give you the invitations! Enjoy!

These were inspired by the amazing Paper Source blog, who did a "Bookworm Baby Shower Invitation." I totally used her wording, too. I kept going around and around myself until I found her amazing invite. Thanks, Paper Source! A most excellent idea!


Christie said...

and that's why you are the party queen! i'm sure it will be smashing!

Nat said...

You absolutely rock, Suzy-Q! Good to see your fun, creative side persists into your mommyhood. :)

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