14 June 2010

Polka Dots

After the baby shower for Emily, I dragged my boys back outside for a mini family photo shoot. It's true. I cannot resist a photo opportunity. Thankfully, my fellas humor me. Reader, I hope you'll also humor me and enjoy the current family photographs.


heather ryan morse said...

suzy, you look fabulous!! and that boy of yours is a doll! and i love that your hubby will humor you :)

Christie said...

gosh i love you guys - can't wait to see you this fall! hugs and kisses. (I've been meaning to call you, literally since you left, what's my problem, it's really not hard, pick up phone, press call, i will, i promise ;)

aligwhit said...

So...I've invited someone to follow your blog. She's a HUGE fan of the library as she has 4 kids and she's very artsy too! I love these pics, Suz! You're still so adorable! And your son looks a lot like Andy...that's just crazy! Beautiful family! Blessings to all of you!

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