03 October 2010

Baby Food Jars

Let's set the record straight... I am not a hoarder. It's just that whenever you need baby food jars, you just can't find them. It's true. So yes, I've kept most of mine and I have a REALLY hard time getting rid of them. They are just so darn useful! I've done oodles of things with mine. And I keep finding fab little projects to do with them. I just recently found a secret addition to one of my favorite blogs Prudent Baby. Turns out, they have a whole section dedicated to baby food jars! Score. Better watch out, Christmas.

I also saw this great idea at Merriment Design of spray painting the jar lids with chalkboard paint and using chalkboard washable pens to write on them for whenever I go to make a stash of food for our newest addition. Great idea! You can write what you made and when you made it. No more freezer-burn or surprise concoctions!

I've been working on downsizing my jar collection lately, especially since we are currently making room for baby number two in our family. I have been posting boxes of jars on Craig's List and sending them out to folks. I just gave one chick 120 jars for a (freaking HUGE) baby shower she hosted. She was so thankful that she sent me a thank you card with a pic of what she made! So thoughtful.

It got me thinking about using some jars for party favors for our gender reveal party. I just recently saw a Martha Stewart thing about using cupcake liners instead of fabric to decorate the tops of small gift jars when you're in a pinch, and I thought that was so brilliant! So, I raided my collection of jars and hunted down the perfect pink and blue cupcake liners to use. Hubs and I went all over town gathering pink and blue salt water taffy to fill the jars. Then we made a cute little "thanks for coming" circle tag for the top and put them all together, tied up with white ribbon, for sweet perfection!


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