15 October 2010

Black Apples

I know it's been a while since I've posted any felt food, but I've been working on other things as of late. Namely, Christmas presents!

A few weeks ago, when my BFF visited, we had some craft time during Oscar's naps and we started making Black Apple Dolls. Don't know what a Black Apple Doll is? Well, Black Apple is one of my favorite blog reads and sweet little ETSY shop. She is this super cool gal who does these great illustrations. She went on Martha at one point and shared with the world her Black Apple Dolls, so Christie and I figured it would be wrong to not make some.

So, here are my Black Apples. (Alert! These really are Christmas presents, so if you are my sister or one of my buddies with a little girl, don't look at these pictures unless you don't want to be surprised!)

I think the best part of this project was having my little helper elf stuff the dolls with beans and "clouds" (what Oz calls fiber fill). Oscar had so much fun being mommy's "good helper" that he was almost sad when we finished these! He called each doll by their name and gave each of them hugs and kisses. We talked about how they are Christmas presents that we are going to give to our friends. Here is the line up of dolls...

Maya, Harper, and baby Helen (coming in January!)

Katherine, Emma, and Christina

Side note - I intentionally made each doll to somewhat look like her future owner with the exception of the Emma doll. I dressed "Emma" more for her mommy's liking. No, my niece does not wear an eye patch.

Here is a video of Oscar stuffing dolls...


Christie said...

what a good boy! he such a good helper! they turned out so great! (they make me want to go take mine off my VG blog and start over!) - ours have already been loved on a ton (and it's starting to show! :) miss you soooooo much! watching the video made me want to jump through the screen. give him a hug for me! love you.

Natanya said...

Awesome! I love, love, love your color and pattern combos! Oscar is really growing up fast, huh?!

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