11 October 2010

My Birthday Boy

Yes, this is a month late. But better late than never, right?!?

Happy Birthday Oscar! My baby boy is officially two. Never mind that he's been acting two for about six months... (Attitude and all.) Anyway, it's here! Oz is now a toddler.

We decided that this year we'd do a "big boy" birthday party, since this is the year that Oz will be getting his big boy bed, big boy room, and will also become a BIG BROTHER! So, I searched for giant sized items to make the party B.I.G. We didn't have a big budget nor did we want a big turnout, since we both kinda grew up with the rule of having as many guests as the age you're turning (parents and family don't count), but I think it turned out pretty awesome. We had some giant props for funny photo booth pictures, some biggie-sized treats, "giant bowling," and a BIG cupcake for Oscar to make a wish upon.

We had my parents come, my BFF Christie was there, and Oscar's girlfriends Katherine and Christina came along with their super fun parents Deb and Wing. We even had our neighbor Sean come with his two little ones, Liam and Kate. It was great fun and the kids all had a blast. When everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Oscar, he got the biggest grin I'd ever seen across his whole face. And he couldn't wait to blow out his candles. (We videoed the moment and he has literally seen it over and over and over again, even trying to relive the moment by huffing and puffing and blowing those video candles out! Silly boy.) Anyway, even if we hadn't had gifts for this kiddo, he still would have been over the moon.

Below are pics of "giant" bowling, which was basically huge bowling pins we made from cardboard and a big blue ball with pretend electrical tape holes. The pins were about two and a half feet tall, almost as tall as Oscar! I also bought a huge red ball cap, a clown bow tie and giant plastic lollipop, a giant toothbrush (which ended up being Oscar's fave), a big Texas mustache, and some giant pink glasses for photo booth props. I served up a GIANT sandwich (which was basically a french bread sub that we sliced and put on a huge tray to make it look extra long), giant black and white cookies, yellow cotton candy (yellow is Oscar's favorite color), and I made a huge cupcake from a cake mold I got at Michaels. That cake took two pound cake mixes! It was dense and tasted great, but caused me to use some colorful language when I tried to frost it. Frosting cakes is not my spiritual gift, let's just say.

Just look at my big boy!

Well, here is a little video that I created with Animoto for your viewing pleasure, reader. Also, if you're reading this on facebook, click here so you can actually see it (fb doesn't jive well with Animoto). And if you want more party pictures, you can always get them here.


Christie said...

I'm so glad I got to be there in person! I got Oscar's thank you note today and it made me smile. He is quite the artist and has amazing handwriting! ;) His picture is hanging on our calendar wall beside Julianne's. Love you, and really plan to call you soon. I've just been pooped trying to recover the house this week. I can't wait to hear about the Nursery progress (and the big boy room)!

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