07 October 2010

Six and a Half Months

Yup. Today I am officially six and a half months along with my pregnancy. Crazy. I feel like it has kinda flown by me, as compared with when I was pregnant with Oscar. I guess cause Mr. Oz keeps me on my toes! Anyway, since we know it is a boy that's coming in January, I've been thinking nesting and nursery and whatnot. It's gonna be a robot room! I'm going with grays and yellows. (I know that yellow is not a super roboty color, but this way I can sort of tame the gray and not make it seem gloomy. It IS a nursery, after all!) Here is what I've been eying:

Making some great finger puppet bots like these... (Sorry, I can't find the source. I remember it was a cool party featured on my RSS feed. Sorry about that.)

It's a real shame that she isn't creating anymore cause I loved her work! Isn't this paper cut robot adorable? I wish she'd make me one.

We also want to have a good collection of funky retro robots, like this one... So cute.

And this one...

And these book ends are killing me!


Christie said...

so fun sweet pea!

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