12 November 2010

Colonial Williamsburg Trip

Okay, you caught me. This trip is way back from August. But I did post the pictures like a month ago. Gimme a break - I'm fully pregnant and a mommy of a C.R.A.Z.Y. two year old. I'm lucky to be posting this trip THIS YEAR. (No really. I still have pictures from when Oz was 10 months old that are yet to be posted. That means they are about a year and a half old. For shame.)

For my birthday this year, my husband and I escaped overnight to Colonial Williamsburg. Thank the good lord for Oscar's amazing grandparents and free babysitting!!! It was just what I needed to recharge my batteries. We drove up and spent the evening meandering the area and dining at the King's Arms Tavern (which I remember from visiting when I was 8!). Tim got a "game" meat pie which was oddly reminiscent of something the "barber of Seville" might have served up... I had the chicken and also some peanut soup. I'm just not adventurous when it comes to eating bizarre things, like squirrels and rabbits. Yikes.

Tim even took me to a "special" event... colonial ballroom dancing! Now THAT was funny stuff. We both had a chance to dance with a costumed colonial. Unfortunately, no pictures or video taking was allowed, so I have no proof that Tim actually did the two-step, just a funny mental image that may have to last me for the rest of my life. He was way better than I was, though! I tripped up pretty bad on my flip-flops and made a fool of myself. (I always seem to fall at least once in the early stages of pregnancy... I slipped on ice with Oscar when we went to Quebec City and now I have a good falling story for this baby, too!) We spent the night at a sweet little B&B within walking distance and woke up refreshed the next morning.

The next day was filled with shopping and visiting the little historic area in Williamsburg. I had all these memories of seeing it 20-something years ago, so it was fun seeing it again as an adult. I definitely want to bring Oscar (and baby #2) some day. I remember how much fun my little brother had wearing his 3-cornered hat and seeing guys carrying muskets around. It's boy heaven, for sure. I know Tim had a great time. But I think his favorite thing was seeing the printing press. Nerd. My favorite was the dress maker. Oh la la!

Here is a little Animoto video of Williamsburg for your viewing pleasure... (If you are reading this post on Facebook, you'll have to view it here.) I have more Williamsburg pictures on my flickr page here, if you're interested in see them. It was a great trip. I just adore hanging out with my favorite travel companion, no matter where we end up going!

After we hit everything we wanted to see in Williamsburg, we headed back to Virginia Beach. Along the route home though, we stopped at this hilarious and quite kitschy place called the President's Park. Oh man. If you are ever in the Williamsburg area, I would highly recommend a pit stop here. This may have been the highlight of our trip, even. This park has giant busts of past presidents. They have everyone up through G.W. and they are taking donations now for Obama. (Naturally we couldn't pass that up.)

Tim and I went through the park, alternating presidents to take pictures with. We got all of the first 43. We tried doing interesting poses with each of them but that was pretty tough. It seems that neither of us know our presidents as well as we thought we did. Like who the heck is Pierce?!? And Hayes? Yeah, I need to do some American history lessons for real.

Enjoy the little video of our presidents! (Again, Facebook peeps need to see the video here instead...) If you want to see more of the pres. pics, you can check them out here on my flickr page.

Thanks for reading!


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