04 November 2010

Halloween Recovery

What is Halloween without a dash of fun and a sprinkle of frustration?!? Well, I've gotta say that I'm thrilled to have just gotten through this year's festivities. It's taken me a week to recover from trying to get a two year old to play "dress up." I thought this gig was supposed to get easier. Whatever!

Anyway, this year we were kind of lax on doing a whole lot of fall festivities. I'm 30 weeks pregnant and Oscar is deep in the throngs of the "terrible two" stage, not to mention all the company we've had lately. All of these things, plus me having to work extra to make ends meet, has put a damper on my favorite holiday. Ah well. Better luck next year!

We did at least do some costumes and parading this Halloween however. We met up with Andy and his (adorable) girlfriend Rachel in Washington Square Park in the city to participate in the Children's Parade. Oz got to sport his Handy Manny outfit to the masses and I'm happy to say that we never saw any other Handy Mannys this year! Tim and I dressed up too. I wanted to incorporate my seven-month pregnant belly in a tasteful way, so I went as our solar system and Tim was Galileo. With as low budget and as much work as all three costumes turned out to be, I'm thrilled that they turned out pretty decently! Yeah, but I don't recommend trying to come up with an Italian Renaissancey robe with only two yards of material. THAT was plum crazy. Tim was a trooper though. He wore tights and everything. What a guy. He also pulled an all-nighter with me the night before to paint, in detail, the nine planets. And they are AMAZING. Way to go, love.

Here are some of my favorite photos of the day... some were taken at home in our yard (after nap time) and some in the city:

Oz as "Handy Manny" from his ultimate favorite TV show.

Andy and Rachel as the "Time Square Kiss" - yes they are stinking cute!

Maybe the most creative family costumes I've ever seen... The Burger King + Wendy = baby burger. That is just FUNNY.

(Gush... and applause for Andy as a cheap ploy to get to kiss on his girl all day long.)

Galileo and his galaxy girl.

Me and my sun. (Haahaa!) Or "son," rather.


Christie said...

i love, love, love it! so brilliant!

Cait said...

Oh my god! Both you & Tim and Andy & Rachel have such cute costumes!!

Suzy said...

Thanks ladies!

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