16 December 2010

Merry Shopping List

My Christmas list! (Thanks for asking to see one, Christie. You inspired me to blog it.) Here are just some items that have, as of late, caught my eye...

Sew Cute Earrings. Yes, these really are SO cute. And I think these are perfectly suited for me! (Especially since I have a fear of earring tugging by munchkins... Oscar has gotten better, but I'm about to start this baby thing ALL OVER AGAIN. It shall be studs again for me.)Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts. This is a book I've been craving for a little while now. (Husband, if you are reading this, know that if you don't purchase this book for me within the next 30 days, I will take matters into my own hands. I'm serious.)

I really love the simplicity of this O Necklace. I think it would be oh so perfect around my neck.

I finally found a baby memory book that would be perfect for our newest little addition. Of course, it's sort of expensive. I really loved the Eric Carle one we did for Oscar. (Which, btw is finally completed!) It's just so hard to find a good memory book anymore! Trust me, I've been searching for a while.

The Cupcake Courier Caddy. Oh yeah. I don't just want this... I NEED this. Have you ever tried to bring cupcakes to a book group of 20+ kids? It's a challenge. This would not only make me happy, it would make my world a better place.
The Zumi Digital Camera. She and I could have so much fun together! Too bad I don't have an extra $200 bucks. We could make some beautiful memories. I love that she is kinda shaped like old school film, too.

And finally, from one of my favorite artists, Inside the Black Apple, Black Apple Recipe Cards!!! Yes, I know I'm not a cook. But on my to do list for 2011 is to reorganize my recipe box. This would get me started in the right direction. I've been looking for cute cards for maybe a year now (part of that was just me stalling and not wanting to start this mammoth project). But who can resist the charms of dancing milk cartons? Not I, reader. Not I.Well, that's my list. I know there are more things to add, but I'll be lucky (and thrilled) to get any of the things I've listed! I hope Santa thinks I've been good this year. I don't know if I can mentally handle a lump of coal. That would really be a downer.


Christie said...

sweet! I was hoping you would! the last one you did was quite a while back - i looked! and your etsy faves is a short list! (i expected pages!) :) love you!

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