27 January 2011


Today Charlie's stump fell off. This landmark always causes me to stop and remember why he had that stump in the first place... That's my special connection with him, you know? That's where he was connected to me with the umbilical cord. I know it sounds weird and all, but I get sappy about belly buttons. Today Charlie got his button.

Today I finally finished working on the pictures we took at the hospital for Charlie's birth. That made me sappy too. Just look at these two faces... These two little fellas are the absolute loves of my life. (Oz is in a blue hat and Charlie is in green.) It's hard to look at my big boy Oscar and know that he was this size two years ago.

Today I feel like crap. I've been dealing with a nasty bladder/kidney-related infection that I got from the surgery (I won't go into details here, but suffice to say that anyone who thinks a c-section is a walk in the park is seriously misinformed.) I'm taking my SECOND round of antibiotics and this stuff is giving me the squirts. (That was sharing too much, I'm sure.) And I'm running on not much sleep. Charlie is a noisy sleeper and I'm nursing - enough said. Plus Oz isn't sleeping too well these days either. He usually wakes up upset and disoriented around 2am, right after I've nursed Charlie and only JUST fallen asleep. That rocks. Ugg.

Today was a "snow" day. We got 19 inches of snow in Central Park, which means that Westchester got a little bit more (We're a bit north of the city, so we usually get hit a bit harder). This meant Tim got to stay home and play with us! Huzzah! He could possibly be the best husband in the world. No really, he is. He spent the day playing with Oz and did laundry and all sorts of other odd jobs that I never have time to do. Now he is baking me a chocolate cake. Yes, really. How did I get to be such a lucky lady?!?

Today is National Chocolate Cake Day. I'm not making this up. Food Network says so, too, and they should know. Did I mention that my husband is in the kitchen making me a chocolate cake?


heather ryan morse said...

keep the real life updates coming ;) i am going to be where you are really soon!

Christie said...

Tim, you really are a seriously awesome husband! Holy moly, way to go! (Suzy, I'm convinced that we snatched up the two best guys in the world!) I hope things continue to click more and more and you all begin getting some rest sometime in the not too distant future. And get better! I would so babysit if I was close! Love you (and I've loved the cards you sent! beautiful!) Big hugs to all four of you! :)

Tristen said...

Those pictures are TO DIE FOR!! Absolutely precious, makes me want to get on a plane so I can get in on a little of those squeeze cheek actions. :) Sigh. And then the rememberance of the pain after birth and the sleeping issues with new babies and new older siblings reminds me. It's all a labor of love, isn't it?? Worth it, but E-X-H-A-U-S-T-I-N-G! Beautiful boys you've got there!!

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