08 March 2011

Perils of Parenting

Yes. Being a parent is great and grotesque. It is fun and frightening. It is happy and horrible. Oh yeah. It is all of these things and occasionally it is all of the latter things at one time. There is a reason why children are given to the young to raise - because after a certain point in your life, you have no strength or patience to manage it. As I'm typing this, my two year old is dumping out a box of matchbox cars everywhere after I just told him not to do it and my infant two month old is spitting up all over my pants (and this is my second pair today). Sure my boys have cute moments, but right now I cannot seem to remember how I got into this mess in the first place!

(Sidebar: I know parenting is an extreme sport. Don't worry about the safety of my kiddos. They are in no danger. They will survive their childhood. Me, on the other hand...)

I've created a video comprised of photos that I've not really ever posted. These are the candid shots that show you what was really going on behind the scenes, giving me these gray hairs and a reason for even writing this blog post. For those of you who have children, you will probably enjoy this glimpse into my pain. Misery loves company, right?!? For those of you without children, consider this a form of birth control. My video is appropriately entitled "God Give Me Strength."

(If you are reading this via facebook, the video will probably not be visible. Check it out here.)


Christie said...

LOVE! yes, misery does love company! ah me! I could've almost strangled my kids tonight. (no onlookers, I wouldn't actually do it, so put down the phone!) It's just that they NEVER stop! ever. never. They go and go and go. Until they're even pinning their eyelids open. And with Luke is mouth is always making explosions and machine gun sounds. not kidding. always. and Julianne must have at least one hand on me, at, all, times! (whew, i feel better) thanks for letting me tag-along vent. hang in there momma! love you and i look forward to sipping an ice cold sangria with you, far, far away from kiddos! :D

Christie said...

that video was freakin awesome! ooh, baby.

Jill said...

Seriously - thanks for posting this! When we tell the stories of our kids, we usually leave out their worst moments, because they reveal the worst in us - and that's hard to share. Even as I write this, John is trying to strangle his baby brother with his brother's own string of birthday balloons. Mommy needs another time-out.

Besides - the crying Darth Vader photo is pure win!

heather ryan morse said...

AMEN, sister! We are in the muck together..thanks for keeping it real! and the truth can REALLY suck!

Lydia said...

You said it! I don't know how many times in one day I can keep Seamus from chasing the cat with He-Man swords or dumping out all the Sea-Monkeys.

Love the photos! Oscar is such a big kid now.

Tristen said...

This is fantastic!! Like AMAZINGLY fantastic! And the words in the blog post, better. Thanks for sharing, I might have to link to this page on my blog... :)

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