06 May 2011

Felt Friday and Other Stuff

Well, I intended to post this pre-Easter, but time got the best of me. I literally have 3 posts that are half written and I've just not had any time to get them done. Oh well. Better late than never, right? Here goes...

I wanted to have some home-made goodness in the boys' Easter buckets this year instead of just filling them up with plastics and candy. Of course, you have to put SOME candy in, otherwise it's just cruel. But this year I found several cute tutorials and printables to use. I made some Tumble Bunnies from Made by Joel and used several ideas from Modern Parents Messy Kids (one of my FAVORITE blogs!) for a "creative play Easter basket." I also added some goodies of my own and some things with wheels for my wheel-crazed two year old.

Anyway, I've wanted to make Oscar his own watch for a long time. He goes crazy for his Uncle Andy and loves wearing whatever Andy casts off when he visits. The watch is usually the first thing Oscar gets a hold of. So I made Oz his very own! (Doesn't he make a great hand model?!? Maybe I should have clipped his fingernails prior to the shot?)

He likes it pretty well now. I'll be honest, he wasn't as thrilled with it as he was with the cool Matchbox fire trucks daddy bought him or the black hummer Uncle Andy and Rachel picked out for him either. Ah well. Can't win every battle. Here is Oscar's Easter bucket:

Felt Watch
Matchbox Fire Trucks
Cowboy Silly Bandz
Crayola Bunny Sidewalk Chalk
Funky Sponge - One Charming Party via Modern Parents Messy Kids
Bunny Matching Game - Modern Parents Messy Kids
Tumble Bunnies - Made by Joel

Charlie's bucket was much simpler. I made him a "Mooshy Belly Bunny" from a recycled t-shirt using this great pattern from Chez Beeper Bebe. Super cute and super easy. Charlie loves to suck on the bunny ears, so I guess he likes it pretty well too.

Mooshy Belly Bunny - Chez Beeper Bebe
Another funky sponge (see above)
I Spy Little Bunnies board book
Footie Rattles (from Target)
"52 Activities for You and Your Baby" card deck

All in all, it was a happy Easter. The boys had a great time. Maybe I'll get around to blogging about it! (Don't hold your breath, though.)


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