24 June 2011

Father's Day Bomgardner Style

We had a great day planned for Tim this year. It just so happened that this year Father's Day was also our 12th anniversary, so much of our plans got inadvertently scrapped due to Tim's prior anniversary plans - no complaints here! Anyway, we cheesed it up this time around, especially since Oz is old enough now to sort of understand doing nice things for people. We all wore ties (yes, I learned the night before how to tie a Pratt tie - booya) and I made the sweet Martha Stewart origami card - see this link - and printed out some super cute tie decorations to populate the lunch spread I whipped up for the fellas. Check it out...

Why yes that is a fluffanutter sandwich cut into the shape of a neck tie. And yes, those are tiny pieces of cheese cut into shirt and ties. That equal love. I think Tim was quite surprised.

The best present of all though was the treasure box that Oz and I compiled for Tim. It contained hand tracings of both boys, two rocks with googly eyes that Oz painted (one of himself and one of Charlie), a watercolor painting Oscar did for his daddy, and a whole bunch of Oscarisms that I'd been compiling for a little while now. I'll share my favorite:
"Daddy is a good daddy because he wants to cook. And daddy gives bear hugs."
"Daddy is a work motorcycle. I'm a blue and brown motorcycle. We drive fast through the yellow lights." (That one slightly troubled me...)
"Daddy has two brains. That means he's really smart."
"Daddy can fix it. He uses a drill."
And my most favorite one:
"I love daddy in the whole wide world!!!"
So sweet.


Christie said...

oh my goodness!!!!! what a sweet post! I love it all! You are both so thoughtful and sweet and inspire the rest of us. What an amazing spread! and I love the Oscar-isms! What a treasure. Lots of love Bombardners!!!! ;)

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