15 June 2011

So Tired

Whoa Nelly. Is it already June? What the frak?!? You'll have to pardon my absence - I think I may have experienced a wormhole of some sort. Not sleeping does that to a person. Yes. My infant is not a sleeper and neither is my two year old. Tim and I have been enjoying Samuel Jackson's audio rendition of THIS book. Give it a listen... it's ridiculously accurate. (Thanks very much for the introduction, big sister.) Now I literally cannot put Oscar to bed without thinking in my head, "I'll read you one very last book, my dear... if you please go the f### to sleep." It's a problem.

Anyway, I have been a busy lady regardless of the lack of sleep I've gotten. I've had company for almost the entire month of May, I've lost nearly 10 pounds (yeehaw), I've done some mommy crafts, I now have a vegetable garden, and I've watched three seasons of The Big Bang Theory. Shazam! How is that for productivity?!? And I even got my husband to clean out our garage. Now, if I could just get my kiddos to learn how to sleep all night long, I'd be golden. Speaking of sleep, the house is oddly silent... now is my chance!


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, our 2 year old slept better at 6 months of age than she does now. Crap!?! I can't imagine throwing a little one into the mix. Kudos to you Suzy, hang in there chick.

teri the big red dog said...

when my 2nd little girl was a baby, i watched the entire series of 6 feet under in 3 weeks. it is amazing how much TV one can watch when up with a baby! she is 21 months old and we all sleep now... all night. it does get better!! :)

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