10 December 2011

Farewell Friend

Oh Mr. Pan.  Tonight you made the journey to cat heaven and you are sorely missed.  I'll never forget those big green eyes of yours and how sweet you looked as a kitten with those enormous ears.  You were the smartest and coolest cat I've ever met.  I've never known a cat quite like you!  You could open doors, fetch post-it note balls, jump to insane heights, demolish a bouquet of daisies in a matter of seconds, challenge dogs that were three times your size, throw a mean sucker punch, con me into just about anything - especially letting you drink from the bathroom facet, give Oscar a run for his money, make me laugh till I cried, and all while looking (mostly) sweet and innocent.  For thirteen years, you have been there for me waiting when I got home from work.  You let me dress you up every Halloween (before I had boys to dress up).  You've been there when I needed someone to cry on.  You've been there to sit on my lap and keep me warm when blankets weren't enough.  You've seen me through good times and bad.  You've moved with us eight times, through four different states, and even tolerated sharing us with another cat and two wild boys.  You've been with me ever since Tim and I got married.  You were always there at the foot of my bed, warming my cold feet, even when Tim wasn't there beside me.  You are irreplaceable and you will always be a warm cozy memory in my heart.  Here's to the best cat there ever was... 

I love you, you crazy cat.  I hope there's lots of tuna and kitty-pot (catnip) up there in cat heaven.  And I hope the streets are littered with cardboard boxes and crumpled up post-it note balls.


The Blessed Wife said...

I'm so sorry Suzy. The loss of an animal is a terrible thing and requires a lot of grieving and healing.

becky said...

Oh no!!! I'm so sorry Suz. We loved Mr Pan too.

This was a great tribute. Much love.

Christie said...

Dear Sweet Suzy, We're so sorry to hear about the loss of Mr. Pan! J told me when I got home tonight. What a great cat, I know he will be missed! I wish your hearts comfort and joy in the memories. I'll never forget how he scared the living s@#$ out of Soleil. That was seriously the funniest thing I've ever seen a cat do!

Much love across the miles.

Chris and Rachel said...

I'm so sorry! I had no idea! So sorry he's gone. Love you!

Equipping The Saints said...

Oh my, even though we knew it was coming it still a great loss. What great pictures of him as a kitten. I loved how he would sleep under the crib protecting his boys. I'll miss being surprised by a cat in the shower and I'll miss how he would curl up with you on the couch. He certainly left his mark on all of us. I'll miss him too. Momma

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