21 January 2012

Museum of the Moving Image

Tim and I used to go to museums all the time... pre-children.  Now it seems harder and harder to get interested in going.  It's like over half of your time is spent getting ready to go and the other half in trying to keep little people happy while you're there.  It's exhausting.  Totally.

Well, I have this list of New York things to do and we've knocked a whole lot off the list, but I still have a few museums and such to see.  I've REALLY wanted to see the recent exhibit of Jim Hensons' work at The Museum of the Moving Image, one of the museums still on my list.  I even had a little article pasted on my fridge just to remind myself daily of how much I wanted to see it.  Tim had MLK day off and suggested we knock it off our list, so away we went.

We met up with my brother Andy and his fiance Rachel (oh how I love saying that!) for a morning of Jim Henson and some lunch.  Well, you couldn't take pictures in the Jim Henson portion of the museum (since when does that stop me?!?), which was a drag and there were only a handful of puppets on display.  Bummer!  It was not a total waste though - at least I got to see the Muhna Muhnas and a puppet of Mayor Bloomberg.  I really wanted to see some items from The Labyrinth, though, so I could have bragging rights to my sister.  (She and I watched that together ALL the time growing up and lusted over some David Bowie.  Oh how young we were...) 

The rest of the museum was really cool too, though.  Of the costumes and props and such, there were some pretty fantastic pieces in their collection.  Things pictured: Andy and Charlie in front of Mork's suit from "Mork and Mindy" (squeal!), a miniature set design for a Muppet movie, a dress worn by Glenn Close in Dangerous Liaisons, and the miniature of the Tyrell Corporation from one of Tim's favorite flicks - Blade Runner.  Below that is a cute vintage Spock toy, Bill Cosby's sweater (eek!), and one of the animatronic Yoda's from one of Star Wars movies.  Wild, hey?  Great museum! 

We even got a bit of a family picture (thanks Rachel and Andy!!!).  Sure is tough to get these boys wrangled into a dang photo op.  Lordy.  And notice Charlie's shirt?  Why yes, I DID make that!  I freaking love freezer paper t-shirts. 


Lydia said...

A couple of my friends just went to this. It looks awesome! Love your family portrait.

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