23 February 2012

No Deliveries Today

Every day, my three year old likes to pretend he is some type of vehicle.  He really gets into this.  In fact, every body part of his is car or truck related.  If you ask him to go wash his hands, he'll most likely say that his "mudflaps are clean already."  And if his feet are cold, he will ask for some "treads" (socks) for his tires.  I've been meaning for a while to draw out a diagram of his car parts as they relate to his person... I will eventually get to it.  Anyway, he is a funny kiddo.  Quite imaginative. 

So, today I laughed and laughed when I asked him to go put away his cereal bowl.  I asked him to "deliver" it to the sink.  His response was "Mommy, I know you want the Striker Firetruck to be a delivery truck today, but it's not magic.  It just can't happen right now.  I'm sorry."  What am I going to do with this wild child?!? 

(Side Note: I bet you are wondering what in the blue blazes a "Striker Firetruck" is, right?  We've been reading some children's nonfiction lately - bleh - and a striker is an airport firetruck that uses foam instead of water to put out fires.  He finds this completely fascinating.)


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