31 May 2012


I watched a sappy movie, The Vow, last Wednesday night.  Don't judge me.  My husband was out of town and my DVR was empty, save for the shows Tim and I watch together.  Anyway, if you haven't seen it (which I'm sure you probably are like me and most likely won't admit to seeing it unless you were in a low moment, similar to which I currently am in), I'll tell you the premise.  It's about a young married couple who are in a car accident and the girl forgets the past five years of her life.  She and her husband struggle through the movie trying everything to spark her memory.  She doesn't remember ever even meeting him, though.  Then she goes back to who she was prior to them meeting and has a completely different life.  It's wack.  She asks him at one point if she kept a journal or anything so she can fill in the huge gaps of time in her memory, but she never wrote any of her memories down.  I won't tell you about the whole movie, but the memory thing was the main focus of the movie.  I keep thinking, gosh... I have made some incredible memories and what would I do if those all suddenly disappeared?!?  How awful would that be?

Then I thought, "Hey, I am a blogger."  And I have almost 1000 posts here on this little blog of mine.  That's right.  Nearly 1000 posts.  So if I ever lose my memories, I can come back and read about who I currently am and what I currently am into.  How is that for preventing my life from turning into a Nicolas Sparks novel?!?  Prevention is the key, baby.  (Was this a Sparks novel?  I get my Rachel McAdams movies confused!)
So, without further ado, here is my current list of things I'm into...

I am currently loving this new CD - A Little Love - that I bought off of iTunes by this super cute band, Renee & Jeremy.  I love cover songs and I love acoustic music, so this just feels right.  I can turn it on and just feel happy.  I dare you to listen and be grouchy.  I have had such a rough week that I've had to play this CD on a constant loop.  It's driving my kids a little nuts. But really, who doesn't love the song Daydream Believer?  And who can resist singing along to Shiny Happy People?

Currently reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.  It's supposed to end in tears, though.  Maybe not a great choice for this week?  I do like it.  I'm about a fourth of the way through and I dig the conversational way Green writes.

I'm currently plugging away at my massive backlog of photos on Aperture.  My camera is not so good.  I spend so much time editing the pictures I take that it is just plain ridiculous.  Some day, I will buy a Cannon Rebel T3 and all will be right in the world, but there are many other things that take priority over a fun camera.  Anyway, I'm having fun with Picmonkey filters.  If you haven't tried it, go now!  Here is my current favorite picture from last Christmas...  So silly.

Oscar and I are currently into playing with his souped up parking garage that he and his daddy made out of cardboard.  (Thanks Pinterest!)  I'm so impressed with how it turned out!  It's got three levels and is "custom-made."  It's pretty sweet.

And finally, I may have turned a corner in my extreme hatred for honeydew.  Tim bought one this week, chopped it up, and I just sampled it.  Hmm...  Why have I loathed this melon for so long?  Perhaps it is the way honeydew seems to absorb the flavors of whatever else it is paired with?  (I am fundamentally against people who do the same.  You know the type...)  But as a stand alone fruit, I think I like it!  Gasp.

That's all I got.  Thanks for reading my mish-mosh!


Christie Tudor said...

pssst. i love you more than words can say. ((((((monster hug)))))

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