20 May 2012

Momma's Boys

Time for a bit of an update on life as a momma... These boys are growing like weeds!

It seems like Charlie is constantly learning new words and climbing new obstacles (yeah - literally CLIMBING them).  We have to keep the chairs to the dinning room table tucked in because Charlie loves to perch on chairs and play with big brother's cars.  He is really a little chatterbox now, too.  He has about 50+ words - most of them being food related.  His newest word is "pipple" which is translated into English as "pickle."  His favorite current activity is flipping through photo albums and naming his favorite people, which right now is "Deeda" (Diva), "Poppa," "DeeDee" (Uncle Andy) and Rayray (Rachel).  It's really sweet, especially when he kisses the pictures.  I HAVE to get this on camera eventually.  Charlie also loves to play dress-up with Oscar.  His most favorite thing to wear is a construction worker vest and a hard hat.  He also LOVES to wear a pair of shades.

Oscar is fascinated by car parts and "Mighty Machines."  Mighty Machines is this great video series of non-fiction raw footage of trucks and whatnot with funny Canadian voices dubbed into it as machines and trucks talking about what jobs they do.  I'll be honest... it's oddly fascinating.  Like, I never knew how tomatoes were harvested, but now I do.  It's empowering.  But back to Oz, he calls himself "truck" now.  He gets mad at Charlie when Charlie tries to say "Ahh ker" (Oscar).  So now Charlie calls him "Braber" (brother).  Oscar is also still referring to all his body parts as car parts: his "grill" (teeth), his "mudflaps" (hands), his "tires" (feet), "windshield" (face), "engine" (belly), and so forth.  It's fascinating that he can keep this up for hours.  Oscar will be starting preschool next year (gasp!) and he has been working on writing letters in his workbook.  He can now write (somewhat) legibly his name!  Eureka!  He likes playing dress up, too.  This picture here on the right is Oscar as the "White Knight."  He is my little Prince Charming.

I love my boys!


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