16 May 2012

My Mother's Day

My guys are so sweet.  Mother's Day this year was just action packed.  Here's how my day went...

Little Oz woke me up with one of his "prince charming" kisses and gave me a huge bouquet of purple daisies that he and his daddy picked out for me.  He also gave me a pot of purple african violets.  He even decorated the pot himself.  So cute.  Then Tim fixed a yummy breakfast of strawberry and nutella crepes - my favorite!  And Charlie ate most of my strawberries.  After breakfast, we went to Wave Hill, an amazing garden in Riverdale (Bronx).  Below are some pictures from our morning.  We brought a fancy picnic along, too.  (Click on the picture to see it bigger.)

(I seriously LOVE this picture of Oscar... He is starting to finally cooperate and smile for the camera!)
(Yes, that IS a tattoo.  Are you shocked?  I'll post more about it one of these days.)
When we got home, pretty much all of us took naps.  Then Tim surprised me with something I've been wanting for a really long time... a new BIKE!!!  And a cute white helmet to go with it. As Oscar always says, "Safety first, mommy!"  Wow.  I haven't been on a bike in years.  It was a kinda awkward first ride, I'll just say.  Tim hitched the boys up to his bike (we have a cool thrifted bike trailer that the boys love to ride in) and we all went for a ride.  I am hoping that can be our new summer thing, going for bike rides. 

Isn't Charlie adorable in a helmet?!?
And I'm going to start pinning great bike accessories!  I totally need a cute bike basket.  What do you think about this one?

After our bike ride, we went on what Oscar calls "a hot date" to a restaurant.  He loves going out to eat and one of our favorite places is Big Daddy's in the city.  It's this great little retro diner chain.  We shared some shakes (I had the "Barbie," of course) and we had a super yummy dinner.  What a nice day!  How about we make every day into Mother's Day?  I think it's a great plan.


Christie Tudor said...

Way to go Tim!!! What a lovely day! Awesome bike! (and you're right, that is one seriously cute basket.)

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