22 June 2012

Happy 13 Years, Baby

Tim and I just celebrated our thirteenth anniversary on this past Tuesday!  How wild.  I can't remember my life without him.  He's my rock.  We've been through so much together.  We truly meant it when we said in our vows "for better or worse, for richer or poorer."  Although, we've never really experienced the "for richer" aspect, but I suspect that wouldn't be too much of a hardship. My Timmy is the great love of my life.  (Isn't he just a sweet little thing? I love this picture because it shows just how young we were.)

This year we played it conservative, what with the cost of babysitting up here and all.  (My babysitter now charges $13 bucks an hour.  Talk about inflation!!!  I remember being absolutely thrilled to make $5 an hour.  Good grief.)  Anyway, I had a Groupon for a Central Park scavenger hunt through UrbanQuest and we made that our fun date night.  We went early so we could rent a rowboat at the Boathouse, another big thing on my NYC List that I've wanted to do for FOREVER.  It was the perfect afternoon for it, too.  The park wasn't too crowded and it was warm but slightly overcast.  Perfect weather!  We rowed around some of the prettiest areas of the park - the Boathouse, the Bow Bridge, and Bethesda Fountain - all the while just chatting about nonsense.  Then we started our scavenger hunt which began at Columbus Circle and had us traipsing all through the whole lower half of the park.  It was quite fun!  Our legs were tired by the end of it, but we finally made our way to the finish line in front of the Plaza Hotel where our prize awaited us - dinner reservations at a cute little place called Sarabeth's.  It was yummy.  All in all a fun date night. 

Here are a few photos of the night...

(My dress is from Modcloth, btw... I LOVE that company!!!)
(A full orchestra just HAPPENED to be playing in the shell.  Wow.)
(The Plaza Fountain - perfectly romantic spot to end the hunt.)


Caitlin said...

Happy anniversary! That looks like such a fun date night! And you look awesome in your ModCloth dress! :)

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