17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day

Oh happy day to the amazing dad's in my life - my awesome pops, my amazing father-in-law, and my incredible husband (the best daddy to my two little fellas).  These guys are stellar and I celebrate them.

This morning, Oz gave "daddy" a new shirt and then we took him out for doughnuts.  I think this will be our new tradition, as I HATE cooking Tim runny eggs (his favorite breakfast - bleh).  Here is what our morning looked like:

Oz loves the "Zebra" doughnuts...
Father of the Year
 Happy Father's Day to my favorite dads!  We're off to Governor's Island to have a picnic, play some putt-putt, and ride bikes.  Have a great day, everybody!


Christie Tudor said...

What a lovely day for an awesome guy! (and I see Tim chose the Boston Cream, excellent choice.)

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