27 August 2012

What's Shakin' Bacon?!?

Well, lots of craziness these past two weeks.  Sorry I haven't been blogging - life has sure thrown us some curve balls!

First off, I turned 33 on the 17th.  Hooray (sarcasm).  But, Tim was great considering all the things we've had going on.  He took me on a hot date to Boscobel to see some Shakespeare in the Park.  We brought along a picnic, and umbrella, and my 4+ month pregnant belly.  I was quite thankful for those first two items.  As soon as we finished our lovely picnic, we had some TORRENTIAL rain.  

 It was still a great night.  We saw Love's Labour's Lost, which is one we've never seen before.  It was fun and slightly bizarre.  

The next day was LEGEND... wait for it... DAIRY!  Tim took me to the PEZ Factory!  I've been a PEZ-head for a long while.  I started collecting way back in high school. Here are some pictures of our fun adventure.  The boys loved the PEZ factory too. 

And finally, (if you're still with me...) we have some big news!  We found out this news on my birthday, so we've only known for about a week and a half.  Tim just got a job back in Johnson City, TN and we're so excited to be moving back south!  New York has been fun and we've had a lot of adventures and made lots of memories and life-long friends, but we are really ready for friendly drivers and cashiers, smokey mountains, zero traffic, camp outs, our OWN HOUSE and backyard, spacious (and free) parking, cheaper groceries and utilities, and seeing the stars at night!  Oscar's been saying he's going to "climb up the mountains and slide down!"  He probably will.  See you soon, Tennessee!!!


Christie Tudor said...

Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

Lydia said...

So excited for you guys! One day we'll join you down South.

Hey, I'm a Pez-head too! Looks like you guys had a blast.

Autumn said...

Happy Birthday! Congrats to Tim on the new job and moving to TN! Very excited for you all.

Malika L said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tristen said...

Suzy! Congratulations on the baby and the job and your birthday! So many exciting things for you! I love and hate moving, it will be so much work and also such a great adventure. Thanks for taking a few minutes to blog!

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